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What We Do

KickStand Bicycle Collective is an all-volunteer initiative to put bicycles on the streets of Knoxville and surrounding area by operating community bike shops, teaching bike mechanics, maintenance, and safe practice. KBC acts to connect community members to local bike advocacy groups. KBC primarily
serves those who have limited resources and may not have access to other forms of transport. The Collective practices reuse of resources and recycling of materials in all practical ways.


The bike council meets once a month to dicuss Kickstand business and to plan for the future of Kickstand.

Bike repair


Many of the donated bikes need repairs, so a significant part of Kickstand's work is inspecting and repairing bicycles.


Volunteer Training

 New volunteers work with more experienced volunteers to learn basic bike mechanics or to improve their skills.

Build a Bike

The build a bike propram allows program participants to earn a bike by contributing volunteer hours.


Kickstand promotes cycling by participating in a wide variety of community events.